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How to Dispose of Medicine in the Trash

How to Dispose of Medicine in the Trash

Many people stock up on over-the-counter medication from the pharmacy in Toronto, Ontario, for emergency purposes. However, overstocking may end up in medications going past their expiry date. Of course, expired medication can cause negative effects to the body, so you must dispose of them before someone accidentally consumes them.

Disposing Meds in the Trash

You can discard expired meds and prescription drug supplies by flushing them down the toilet or throwing in the household trash. Most of the drugs you can throw in the trash include OTC creams, liquids, patches, drops, and pills. Here are the steps you should take when throwing away these expired OTC medications:

  • Unwrap the drugs from their container. Mix them up with undesirable substances, such as cat litter or coffee grounds. Make sure to mix well so they become less appealing to pets, children, as well as those who go through your trash.
  • Get a resealable bag or empty container that you can use to contain the mixture. See to it that the mixture won’t spill out from the container.
  • When you’ve secured the container, throw it in the garbage.

How to Dispose of the Packaging

You also have to properly dispose of the packaging. Most online prescription refills in Ontario will have your personal information, so see to it that those are scratched out. Throw the packaging once your personal details become ineligible.

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