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How to Read a Prescription Medication Label

 How to Read a Prescription Medication Label

Regardless if you are the patient who the doctor prescribed the medication to, the caregiver who is buying the meds at a nearby pharmacy in Toronto, Ontario, or a family member, knowing how to read a prescription medication label is a must. One of the important reasons is so that you don’t take the wrong medicine off the counter when buying it.

Here are the details that you should be able to read on the prescription medication label when you are using it to get offline or online prescription refills in Ontario:

  • Pharmacy name, address, and phone number
  • Doctor’s name
  • Patient’s name
  • Prescription number
  • The date the prescription is filled
  • The instruction on how to take the medication
  • Medication name and the quantity
  • The number of refills allowed by a certain date
  • The date the medication should be discarded

Becoming familiar with the prescription label is a key step to better medication adherence. If you are not yet familiar with prescription labels, you may ask for help from the pharmacist at the nearby medical supply store in Toronto.

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